Our candy offerings include favorites such as licorice wheels, jelly bellies, wax bottles, gum drops, and gummies to name a few.


Our chocolate and cookies bar includes a large assortment of chocolate dipped pretzel twists, truffles, caramels and fudge.

Ice Cream

The shop’s motto is “we scoop it and you top it” – essentially you can make your own masterpiece sundae with every serving.


The assortment of designer candy apples are popular favorites and there is a luscious array of delicious cupcakes.

Inside the stores...

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  • UdderSweets in the Weston Town Center definitely is a great way to treat yourself, especially after lunch or dinner in this great town center! Definitely try it out and let them know PrettyFoodie sent you. It won't get you a discount, but I won't steer you wrong from experiencing a sweet experience you'll never forget!
    Stephen F
  • UdderSweets definitely has this old-fashioned, retro yet modern-pop feel to it, which gets you in the mood for ol' time classics such as updated versions of flavored licorice and lollipops, to modern creations such as the mini cupcakes , cakepops and chocolate covered pretzels. Man-oh-man, my dentist would have a fit! Too bad I'll gladly let him know that UdderSweets is now my weekly sweets spot.
    Pretty F
  • Passed by here recently and was impressed by the traditional look and feel of an ice cream parlor/candy store. Great ambiance. When I walked in, I automatically got in a good mood. Maybe because it brought back childhood memories. Looks like a spot I'd take a girl to as part of a date.
    David J
  • Had a "chocolate peanut smoothie" piece of chocolate. Ok, ok, I had 2. My husband had a couple of white chocolate covered Oreos. We walked them over to Starbucks because they don't offer coffees here. It would be a really nice addition if you ask me! For later, we brought home a red velvet cupcake which was ok but the other cupcake which was dulce de leche was spectacular!!!!! Did I mention the diet starts tomorrow?
    Brenda P.
  • Felt like a kid at a candy store...well it is a candy store! I was able to sample a few of their wild ice cream flavors (cookie monster, sponge bob to name a few). They were delicious! However, wasn't in the mood for ice cream until I saw their creations. Chocolate Graham crackers, chocolate smore cookies, chocolate dipped oreo cookies, sprinkles on a pretzel the list goes on and on. I could spend all day here. Nice place. Definitely kid heaven.
    Adalberto M
  • Serving up ice cream, shakes, chocolates, cupcakes, cookies and candy, UdderSweets is a sugarholics dream! They have something for everyone, from candy apples to bulk candy offerings including giant jawbreakers and gummy bears. The best part about this shop is that everything is homemade from the ice cream to the chocolates. After only a few bites, you will be chocolate wasted.
    Jo W.
  • I am grateful that Udder Sweets doesn't have a picture of an Udder plastered on their windows...or do they...I guess delirium is what chocolate indulgence will do...and hey, all for less than 2 bucks. Best bargain in town and way better than the pretentious ice-cream place that preceded it.