Almond Bark Large Dark

Almond Bark Large Milk

Almond Butter Crunch

Bear Claws


Oreos Dark

Oreos Milk

Graham Cracker Milk

Graham Cracker Dark

and many more…


Pretzel Rod Dark with Sprinkles

Pretzel Rod M&M

Pretzel Rod Milk

Pretzel Rod Milk with Sprinkles

Pretzel Twist White with Sprinkles

Pretzel Twist M&M

Pretzel Rod Turtle

Pretzel Rod White

Pretzel Rod White with Sprinkles

Pretzel Rod Dark

Pretzel Twist Peanut Butter Chip

Pretzel Twist White

Pretzel Twist Dark

Pretzel Twist Dark with Sprinkles

Pretzel Twist Milk

Pretzel Twist Milk with Sprinkles

and many more…


Peanut Butter Cup Dark

Peanut Butter Cup Milk

Rice Krispie Dark

Rice Krispie Milk

Rice Krispie White

Tri Color Marshmallow

Turtle Krispie

Twinkies Dark

Twinkies Milk

Twinkies White

Oreos White

Smores Milk

Smores Dark

Sundae on a Stick

and many more…


Milk Chocolate Truffles

Dark Rasberry Truffles

Dark Chocolate Truffles

Milk Amaretto Truffles

and many more…